Advantages of becoming an Air Hostess

If you have done your basic education i.e. 10+2 and you are still thinking to be an air hostess or cabin crew member or not then you should definitely know about the advantages and benefits an air hostess or any cabin crew member have. Becoming a part of an airline is fun and challenging at … Continue reading Advantages of becoming an Air Hostess


5 things you should know about cabin crew member.

If you want to be a cabin crew member you must be thinking that what it's really like to be one. So, here it is some myths and truths about the life at 30,000 feet. Training for survival when lost. Survival training is one of the skills the cabin crew members are trained for. They … Continue reading 5 things you should know about cabin crew member.

Hospitality Travel Tourism

Hospitality and tourism is a great scope for financial growth and development in the industry which allows students to learn from problem-based learning, thereby enabling them to play control over the managerial roles from day one, enhancing their professional growth with confidence and various levels of industrial.There are many other educational centers in hospitality and … Continue reading Hospitality Travel Tourism